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We Take Care of the Anchor Rod Details to Ensure Durability

Four anchor rods lying on a table. The anchor rods were domestically manufactured by Dyson Corp.
We Take Care of the Anchor Rod Details to Ensure Durability

In addition to having access to durable parts needed to build out your projects, it’s equally vital to choose components that meet industry standards and guidelines.

For instance, ASTM F1554 is the newest specification developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials that focuses on the requirements for anchor rods, anchor plates, threaded rods, and other assembly materials.

At Dyson Corp., we stay up to date on current industry standards. We look for opportunities to go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Find out how we take care of the anchor rod details so that you receive high-quality, compliant parts for every job, especially in the wind energy industry.

Stainless Steel Anchor Rods: Ideal for Wind Energy

One of the most common uses for our anchor rods is wind energy. Wind turbines, which are at the heart of the push for clean wind energy, require a number of anchor bolts and structural steel columns.

While there are undoubtedly other applications for these fully threaded anchor bolts, wind turbines have become increasingly popular, and we are honored to be part of America’s energy wave of the future.

In order for wind turbines to function as designed, it’s crucial that they are affixed to sturdy concrete foundations. That means you need access to fully threaded anchor bolts embedded in concrete, ensuring that the turbine can safely process the amount of wind that passes through.

A bolt with a forged head securely embedded in concrete ensures that the turbine can produce energy as designed. This process also promotes safety.

Our anchor bolts are available in three grades: 75, 90, and 150. Each category fits a different area of the wind turbine industry, making it extremely important to work with experts to help you with the anchor rod details and identify the anchor rods you need.

In addition to the anchor rods that we manufacture, we also produce coil nuts, PVC sleeves, washers, and every other piece of material needed for wind turbine construction. We ensure that you receive the parts you need from one source, creating an added layer of assurance that materials will fit together as designed.

How Dyson Takes Care of the Anchor Rod Details

Our entire manufacturing process is created with our customers in mind.

1. In-House Production Capabilities

Our anchor rods, bolts, sign structures, and other stainless steel parts are made here in the United States. Because we control the manufacturing process from beginning to end, we are always mindful of meeting ASTM requirements with every item that we produce.

Our robust internal process ensures that you receive quality materials and that your project passes any inspections required along the way.

2. Flexible Manufacturing Schedule

We follow a flexible manufacturing process that allows us to change delivery schedules on the fly, which further puts the needs of our customers at the forefront. If you get ahead of schedule and need materials quicker, we will work hard to accommodate your request.

3. Ready for Market Changes

We are prepared to adapt to changes in the market. Wind energy is an ever-evolving industry, and it’s crucial that you get your materials from a company that is capable of adapting to your needs. That’s where Dyson comes in. No matter what support you need for anchor rods, we can devise a solution that fits your needs.

Ready to Purchase Anchor Rods?

Our team of industry professionals has been helping manufacturers and other professionals get the materials they need for industrial projects since 1884. Our longevity is based on our attention to detail, understanding of each client’s project, and sourcing all materials right here in the U.S. We take care of the anchor rod details so that you can get the job done.

Contact Dyson today to discuss anchor rod pricing with a dedicated team member. We will walk you through the process of ordering durable anchor rods and bolts you need for wind energy or other projects.