Anchor Rods and Foundation Bolts

Dyson Corporation has been supplying the wind energy sector for over two decades with critical application fasteners and anchoring hardware. Our primary products are anchor bolts, coil nuts, washers, PVC sleeves, bolt caps and anti-corrosion grease. Anchor products are manufactured in ASTM 615 Grades 75 & 90 and ASTM 722 Grade 150. Dyson Corp wind anchors have a proprietary thread design for better form, fit and function, and can be pre-tensioned to prevent in-field failures.

In addition to the wind energy industry, Dyson supplies anchoring fasteners and rods for the infrastructure, electrical distribution, soil stabilization, heavy construction, road construction, and a number of other industries with anchors of various materials and diameters. Dyson is capable of manufacturing any rod up to 12″ in diameter and 60′ in length!

Product Specs

  • Sizes:
    • Diameters: 3/4″ (M20) up to 12″ (M300)
    • Lengths: up to 60′ Long
  • Typical Specifications:
    • ASTM 615 Grade 75 & 90
    • ASTM 722 Grade 150

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