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Custom Forging for Your Projects

Forging is what we do. We custom forge all large diameter fasteners and industrial parts in-house, making us your “one-stop shop” for 100% American-made products.

Our Custom Forging Capabilities

Since 1884, Dyson Corp. has made our name on custom forgings. We can forge virtually any material grade known to man, including carbon, alloy, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, and various exotic materials.

We can handle everything from small forgings using high-speed parts formers to produce smaller, high-volume nuts and bolts to large forgings using open-die, mechanical, hydraulic, and hammer presses.

Forging Capabilities

You can rely on our in-house machine shop in Ohio to forge the parts you need when you need them.

  • Upset Forging
  • Upset Forging & Broaching
  • Open Die Forging
  • Closed Die Forging
  • Press Forging
  • Drop Forging
  • Rough-Machined Forgings
  • Finished Machine Parts
  • Raw “Black” and “Tree Bark”
  • Forgings

Typical Forgings

  • Fasteners
  • Forged Bar Stock
  • Custom Shapes
  • Forged Hooks
  • Rod & Yoke Ends
  • Multiple Step Forgings
  • Transition Forgings
  • Heavy Construction Products

Technical Specs

  • Diameters up to 24″
  • Lengths up to 60′
  • Weight up to 10,000 lbs.
  • ASTM-A668
  • MIL-S-24093
  • MIL-S-23284
  • Custom specifications

Industries We Serve