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Structural Hex Bolts and Large-Diameter Fasteners for Construction

Heavy-duty infrastructure projects call for the best parts in America. We manufacture and forge structural bolts, large diameter fasteners, and rods according to spec to support the needs of your projects.

Holding America Together Since 1884

Dyson Corp. products are used in all facets of road construction, heavy construction, and highway projects. Whether you need durable large diameter fasteners, structural hex bolts, heavy hex nuts, or other critical parts, we can manufacture exactly what is needed.

We are an approved manufacturer of parts for State Departments of Transportation throughout the U.S. Our parts are built to last, made of 100% American material, and available in bulk to cover miles and miles of infrastructure. Get the durable parts you need directly from our facility.

Main Parts Supplied for Infrastructure and Construction

  • Heavy Hex Nuts
  • Heavy Hex Bolts
  • Domestic Fasteners
  • Custom Forgings
  • Machined Components

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