Dyson Lock & Dam Products

Helping America Harness Natures Power

Dyson’s tie-rods, eyebolts and eyebolt assemblies, forged diagonals, sleeve nuts, forged wheels and shafts, clevises, double-ended studs, turnbuckles, anchor bolts, upset rods, and bushings are used on hydropower projects across the globe. These large items are forged and machined in-house out of domestically poured steel. By manufacturing and assembling both the internal and externally threaded components, Dyson is able to guarantee proper fit and minimize installation time in the field.

Dyson also provides raw forgings to companies looking to finish machine their own products. Forgings can be provided as “black” or “tree bark” forgings, or can be rough machined to near net shape to minimize final machining by our customers. Either way, you can rest assured forgings provided by Dyson meet the most rigorous industry standards and are proudly poured and forged in the USA.

Our Products

Dyson Corp offers a wide range of products to meet any assembly requirement. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us with your unique requirement and we will connect you with a technical expert!

Oil & Gas

Components used in the Oil and Gas industry must withstand some of the harshest environmental conditions on earth. Dyson products have been proven over time to do just that!


Dyson Corp has manufactured assembly components for some of the largest and most recognizable bridges in the western hemisphere.

Marine & Military

Dyson Corp manufactures critical application fasteners and forged components out of DFARS compliant materials for the Military and Marine industries. We are ITAR compliant and ISO certified.