Large Industrial Nuts and Bolts

Critical Application Products For The World's Harshest Environments

Equipment used in the oil and gas industry is subject to some of the harshest environmental conditions on earth and requires fasteners and assembly components just as durable. This is where Dyson shines!

Look to Dyson for domestic 8-pitch ASTM A194 (2H) and ASTM A563 (DH) heavy hex nuts in B7 and B16. We produce threaded rod, double ended studs, eye bolts, and forgings in a wide range of materials from Stainless Steel, to Inconel, Monel, and other Nickel Alloy based exotic materials. We offer corrosion resistant and lubricity improving coatings of all varieties. Dyson is also capable of manufacturing custom critical products to your exacting specifications, so please contact us using the form below and we will be happy to help with your application.

Our Products

Dyson Corp offers a wide range of products to meet any assembly requirement. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us with your unique requirement and we will connect you with a technical expert!

Mining Industry

From tapered mill liner bolts to Dyson D-Loc and M-Loc nuts, our products are forged from American poured steel and manufactured to exacting specification so they hold up to the most rigorous applications on earth!

Marine & Military

Dyson Corp manufactures critical application fasteners and forged components out of DFARS compliant materials for the Military and Marine industries. We are ITAR compliant and ISO certified.

Wind Energy

Dyson supplies Wind foundation assemblies, including rods per ASTM 615 Grades 75 & 90 and ASTM 722 Grade 150. Our coil and jam nuts are manufactured in-house using state of the art parts forming machines with integrated heat treat furnaces to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.