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Anchor Rods and Foundation Bolts

We manufacture durable anchor rods and foundation rods to withstand even the most difficult conditions. When the integrity of your project matters, place your anchor rod order with Dyson Corp.

Get the Anchor Rod Parts You Need for Industrial Applications

We manufacture anchor and foundation rods for a variety of industrial applications, including wind energy. We supply the wind energy sector with critical application large diameter fasteners and anchoring hardware according to ASTM standards.

Our wind anchors have a proprietary thread design for better form, fit, and function, and they are pre-tensioned to prevent in-field failures. You can rely on our wind turbine foundation and anchor bolt assemblies to help secure critical structures.

Beyond wind energy, we also provide anchor rod parts for applications such as infrastructure, heavy construction, and other industries that require anchors of various materials and diameters.

Our Selection of Anchor and Foundation Rods

  • Coil Nuts

  • Couplings

  • Jam Nuts

  • Washers

  • Beveled Washers

  • Spherical Hex Nuts

  • Round Collar Nuts

  • Tie Rods

  • Micro Piles

  • Tieback Anchors

  • Tiedown Anchors

  • Stainless Steel (all thread)

  • Eye Nuts

  • Round Steel Plates

  • Domed Steel Plates

  • Dished Steel Plates

  • Key Hole Steel Plates

  • Hollow Anchors

  • L Bolts

  • J Bolts

  • Stop Couplers

  • Spherical Washers

  • PVC Sleeves

  • Blade Bolts

  • Blade Studs

  • Curved or Bent Bolts

Available Anchor and Foundation Rods Specs


  • Diameters: 3/4″ (M20) up to 12″ (M300)
  • Lengths: up to 60′ Long

Typical Standards

  • ASTM 615 Grade 75 & 90
  • ASTM 722 Grade 150
  • 150 KSI All Threaded Bar

What Does American-made Look Like?

Our products are 100% domestically manufactured from USA-poured or DFARS-compliant materials. We don’t use cheaper materials from other sources at any point in the manufacturing process. You can rest assured that your finished part was handled in the U.S. from start to finish.