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Dyson History

Since 1884, we have forged industrial parts for a variety of applications. Learn about our company’s rich history of manufacturing fasteners and other products for our customers.

Dyson Corp. Has Stood the Test of Time

Dyson Corp. was founded in 1884 as a small forge shop in Cleveland, Ohio. We have since grown to become a leading manufacturer of critical fasteners ranging in size from 1½” up to 20” in diameter and custom forgings ranging in size from 1/2 to 10,000 lbs.

We have built an infrastructure that enables us to provide our customers with 100% American-made fasteners and other industrial parts according to spec, within your timeline, according to industry requirements, and at a price that fits your budget.

Throughout our company history, we have primarily focused on providing industrial parts to industries that include Wind Energy, Locks and Dams, Marine and Military, Infrastructure and Construction, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Bridges.

We invite you to learn more about the key milestones that have marked the passage of time throughout our company’s history.

A Walk Through Time

Joseph Dyson and Sons opened in Cleveland, Ohio at the corner of Marquette St. and Hamilton Ave.
Late 1880s:
Dyson forged parts for buggies and provided one-off custom forgings for the era (all steam hammers).
The John G. Oliver Family bought Joseph Dyson and Sons to help produce Bardons and Oliver metal working lathes.
Early 1990s:
The new company operated dozens of steam hammers (A frame and C frame).
Dyson established Fork Arms and Fasteners.
Opened our current location in Painesville, Ohio, and installed mechanical upsetters.
Built the T-building and installed the first of many hydraulic presses for fork arm production.
Officially closed the Cleveland operation and moved all equipment to Painesville.
Dependable moved to Painesville from the Eastlake location.
Domestic Nut was acquired.
Dyson Forging Technology (DFT) was formed at Painesville.
Texas Nut and Bolt was acquired.
Installed the first Partsformer.
Started a new division of Volume Rods for Wind Energy.
Installed the first Mechanical Press (National Maxi Press).
Tulcan purchased Dyson Corporation to support national growth.
Installed Etchell double blow presses.
Accu-Tech Manufacturing was acquired.
Jeff Moore started the Tooling Services Division.
Opened a new facility in Texas to better support wind energy and DFT customers.

Major Bridge Projects We Have Supported

Throughout our history, we have been a key supplier of domestic large diameter fasteners, forgings, and machined parts for some of the most recognizable structures in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
  • George Washington Bridge Refurbishment Project.
  • Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.
  • Ohio River Lock Miter Gate Anchorage Replacement Project.
  • Mason Park Bridge in Houston, Texas.
  • Mississippi River Lock and Dam Eye-bar Assemblies.
  • Puente Ferrobeni Bridge in La Paz, Bolivia.

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