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Custom Fasteners Manufacturer

We forge 100% American-made large diameter fasteners, domestic nuts, and other parts for industrial projects. As a custom fasteners manufacturer, you can rely on our parts to complete critical projects in your industry.

Our Process

We’ve been around since 1884, so we know the parts requirements for large-scale jobs in your industry. We take the time to understand your project needs, then deliver high-quality parts that satisfy ASTM, ASME, MIL, ANSI, SAE, and DIN standards, as well as the specifications for each job.

When you work with Dyson Corp., you can expect to receive a truly American-made part. Every aspect of the manufacturing process (melting, manufacturing, and processing) occurs domestically, allowing us to support the Quality Control process throughout and get your order to you quickly.

Industries We Serve

wind energy industries 400x

Wind Energy

We confirm the form, fit, and function before products make it to the wind farm, preventing field failures.

locks dams industries 400x

Locks and Dams

Our products are custom forged and manufactured in-house out of domestically poured steel, ensuring longevity in difficult conditions.

marine military industries 400x

Marine and Military

As a Level 1 U.S. military supplier, we provide critical fasteners and other products that satisfy specs for government projects.

Infrastructure Construction industries 400x

Infrastructure and Construction

We are a DOT approved vendor of manufactured parts used in the construction of critical infrastructure.

oil gas industries 400x

Oil and Gas

We deliver heavy-duty fabricated parts for offshore platforms,
refineries, and other petrochemical applications.

mining industries 400x


We produce custom
fastener and forging solutions for any mining requirement, making us a go-to resource for the mining industry.

bridges industries 400x


We provide fastening solutions for virtually all parts of bridge construction, ensuring consistency, safety, and longevity.