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Fastener Manufacturer - USA Made Domestic Products

When we say “American-made,” we mean it. When you purchase products from Dyson Corp., you can be confident that every piece of material that went into your finished product was sourced domestically.

Our Homegrown Forging Process

Every product is truly American-made (melted, manufactured, and processed) at our facilities in Ohio and Texas. We back up our process by ensuring that all finished products are fully traceable and utilize the most comprehensive and accurate certification.

We are committed to supporting the integrity of our country’s infrastructure by ensuring that every road, bridge, building, and structure is supported by American-made parts.

Our Military Certifications

For the Armed Forces, we manufacture critical military fasteners and forgings to MIL, ASTM, and SAE specifications for government and military projects.

  • Approved Level 1 manufacturer for naval shipyards and major projects for the Army Corp of Engineers.
  • Quality Management system ensures that all products conform to rigid quality and traceability requirements demanded by the U.S. military.

What Does American-made Look Like?

All Dyson Corp. products are 100% originated in the United States. Our customers receive the highest quality, fastest delivery, and full traceability with every order.

All finished products are custom forged and manufactured in-house using domestically poured steel.