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Forged and Machined Components and Parts

We provide a range of critical services to forge and fabricate the parts you need for industrial purposes. Our shops are capable of handling unique project requests to provide you with 100% American-made parts.

Our In-House Capabilities

Our shops in Ohio and Texas are equipped with the latest technology, equipment, and resources to handle every aspect of your service request. As one of the leading custom metal fabricators in the U.S., we can deliver finished products that satisfy your price and quality requirements.

The combination of our advanced shop capabilities and our commitment to sourcing all materials domestically enables us to ensure on-time delivery of parts that meet stringent quality standards. Learn more about our custom services that support the needs of every job.

Dyson Corp. Custom Services

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We’ve been forging since 1884. We can forge virtually any material grade using our advanced equipment.

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Heat Treating

We use in-house quench and temper furnaces to heat-treat a wide range of products – all under one roof.

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Our extensive machining capabilities include turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and assembly.

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Thread Rolling

We manufacture internally and externally threaded products at our facility, allowing us to confirm thread fit for all components.

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Quality Inspection

By forging, machining, heat-treating, and assembling in-house, we control the quality of every aspect of your finished part.