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Certified Part Inspection and Quality Services

We recognize that parts must meet strict standards to ensure usability and durability in your industry. Our Quality Control processes ensure that all parts received from our shop satisfy the highest levels of quality standards.

Our Quality Inspection Capabilities

Vertical integration is key to successful quality control. That’s why we perform all services in-house and source all materials domestically. Our proven approach allows us to maintain control over critical processes that impact your finished product.

By forging, machining, heat-treating, and thread-rolling at our shop, we ensure the excellence of every aspect of the manufacturing process. We follow through with a rigorous part inspection process before parts leave our shop.

Quality Inspection Capabilities

You can expect 100% commitment to quality for every forging at our shops. We ensure that every part is built for purpose in your industry.

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Heat Treating

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Quality Inspection Products

  • Fasteners
  • Domestic Nuts
  • Anchor and Foundation Rods
  • Custom Forgings
  • Machined Parts

Technical Specs

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Perform IL-I-45208A military inspections
  • Use DFARS compliant or domestic materials
  • ITAR compliant manufacturer
  • Products manufactured to AASHTO, DIN, ISO, SAE, and ASTM standards

Industries We Serve