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Dyson D-Loc™ Nuts: Victory Over Vibration

Tired of violent vibration and liquid leakage in heavy equipment? Use our D-Loc heavy hex nut solution to improve performance in a variety of industrial applications.

Our Lock/Seal Nuts Get the Job Done

The proprietary Dyson D-Loc™ nut and insert is free running to the bearing surface as a single unit. As the nut is torqued, the force expands the DY-LASTIC™ insert to form a tight plastic cushion on the bearing surface, on the nut, and between threads of the bolt and nut.

Using the D-Loc nut results in a tight seal that holds the nut and bolt together, acts as a dampener when vibration is present, and seals the nut/bolt union, minimizing leakage. Use our solution to reduce downtime and lower maintenance and retorquing costs.

Available D-Loc™ Nuts Specs


  • Dy-Lastic P (Max. Oper. Temp. +225°F)
  • Dy-Lastic T (Max Oper. Temp. +500°F)

Best Uses

  • Rod mills
  • Ball mills
  • Autogenous mills
  • Crushers
  • Shakers
  • Overhead cranes
  • Transmission towers
  • Material handling equipment
  • Steel shelving
  • Railroad applications and Presses

What Does American-made Look Like?

Our products are 100% domestically manufactured from USA-poured or DFARS-compliant materials. We don’t use cheaper materials from other sources at any point in the manufacturing process. You can rest assured that your finished part was handled in the U.S. from start to finish.