Tapered Bolts and Vibration Proof Fasteners

High Strength Products For The Most Demanding Applications

Our mining products can be found in a wide variety of applications including crushers, ball mills, vertical mills, and high vibration applications such as grinding equipment and conveyors. Dyson manufactures roof anchor bolts for securing mine tunnels, and custom products for nearly any application imaginable in surface or underground mining!

Dyson mining products include taper and liner bolts, eyebolts, clevises, threaded rod, heavy hex nuts and bolts, studs, socket product, and the exclusive Dyson D-Loc and M-Loc sealing and locking nuts. All Dyson mining products are domestically manufactured in-house from steel poured in the USA so you can be assured of the highest level of quality available.

Our Products

Dyson Corp offers a wide range of products to meet any assembly requirement. If you do not see what you are looking for contact us with your unique requirement and we will connect you with a technical expert!


Dyson Corp has manufactured assembly components for some of the largest and most recognizable bridges in the western hemisphere.

Marine & Military

Dyson Corp manufactures critical application fasteners and forged components out of DFARS compliant materials for the Military and Marine industries. We are ITAR compliant and ISO certified.

Wind Energy

Dyson supplies Wind foundation assemblies, including rods per ASTM 615 Grades 75 & 90 and ASTM 722 Grade 150. Our coil and jam nuts are manufactured in-house using state of the art parts forming machines with integrated heat treat furnaces to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.