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What Separates High Strength Bolt Manufacturers?

Heavy duty bolt domestically manufactured by Dyson Corp.
What Separates High Strength Bolt Manufacturers?

High strength structural bolts are vital to the success of a wide range of industrial projects. Bolt quality has a significant impact on both the performance and lifecycle of a project. That is why you must do your due diligence when choosing a hardware provider.

But not all high strength bolt manufacturers are created equal. Some manufacturers source their materials from overseas or use uneven quality control practices. But Dyson Corp. provides clients with 100% Made in America parts that perform as designed.

Join us as we look closely at what makes Dyson the best option for high strength bolts.

Applications for High Strength Bolts

Bolts that exhibit high tensile strength are used in a broad range of applications. Some common use cases for high strength structural bolts include:

  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Signage
  • Locks
  • Wind energy
  • Tower construction

Each project and its demands are unique, which makes it all the more important to choose respected high strength bolt manufacturers. The proper manufacturer will be able to provide you with custom solutions based on the needs of your project. 

Key Factors that Differentiate High Strength Bolt Manufacturers 

When searching for a bolt manufacturer, you should consider the following characteristics.

Material Sourcing

Where does your manufacturer source its materials? Many companies source materials from overseas suppliers. Why does this matter? It’s simple.

  • Material quality has a direct impact on bolt quality and performance.
  • Pure materials yield better bolts. 

Working with a provider that sources its materials overseas creates other challenges, too, like being more at risk of sourcing issues. These hurdles could create delivery delays that increase project costs and extend timelines.

Location of Manufacturing Processes

Some manufacturers don’t just source their materials overseas. They actually make bolts offshore as well. Working with an offshore manufacturer has many downsides. The biggest is that they likely cannot adjust for short delivery timeframes. Even if they “can,” seemingly minor issues can delay your delivery by days, if not weeks. 

Working with a local manufacturer is the better choice. A company that uses local materials and domestic production methods can better meet the needs of your project. 

Delivery Timetables

Managing project costs requires you to account for dozens of variables. One variable that can significantly impact project cost is your delivery timetables. When deliveries are late, contractors cannot complete their given tasks, creating a trickle-down effect that can cost your customers significant costs.

With that in mind, working with a U.S. company like Dyson should lower your risk of delays. A domestic company can provide cheaper shipping costs and fulfill your orders faster. In turn, this could knock days or weeks off your project completion timetable. 

Quality and Consistency

Quality control (QC) practices vary from country to country. Materials sourced from overseas locations might be subject to different QC standards than domestic choices. The same idea applies to overseas manufacturing processes. As a result, bolts made overseas might show unreliable quality.

Naturally, all of your high strength bolts need to be basically identical. Otherwise, your contractors could face big headaches on the job site. So how do you ensure that your bolts meet strict QC standards? The easy answer is to choose a domestic provider. 

Why Dyson is the Premier Provider of High Strength Bolts

Dyson is the leading provider of high strength bolts. We have provided our clients with the best-quality fasteners and hardware for over a century. You can expect to benefit from these characteristics when you work with us.

Industry Expertise

Since 1884, our team has provided parts for countless projects. As such, we understand the unique demands of your industry. We work with clients in sectors such as:

Dyson can assist with every part of bolt design. We can help you choose materials and finishes for your high strength bolts. We can even design custom pieces that meet your specs. 

100% Made in America Bolts

When we say our bolts are 100% Made in America, we mean it. From start to finish, our bolts are made in the heart of Ohio. We do everything in-house, including:

  • Melting down raw materials
  • Manufacturing custom bolts
  • Processing and finishing your bolts
  • Product testing

Dyson also supports local businesses. We do this by sourcing our metals from domestic providers. Many other providers source their materials overseas. And some even produce their bolts offshore, negatively affecting product quality and delivery times. 

We avoid these issues with our domestic production practices. Everything is made right here in the USA. Making products locally allows us to better serve clients like you so that we can offer competitive shipping rates, quality products, and fast turnaround times.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Need custom bolts fast? We have got you covered.

Dyson uses modern machines to put your design into production quickly. We can produce large-scale, one-off bolts. We can also make large volume orders of high strength bolts. Our abilities enable us to support all projects, big or small.

When your bolt order is complete, it will ship from our Ohio facility. Most shipping turnaround times are a week or less, and we offer expedited shipping for clients facing a time crunch. 

Superior Product Quality

Dyson is widely recognized as a provider of top-quality fasteners. Our high strength bolts can withstand even the most demanding applications.

  • Every bolt must pass stringent QC processes before leaving our facility.
  • All testing is performed in-house to ensure that our bolts meet our high standards.
  • Our in-house testing process accelerates manufacturing timetables to prevent delivery delays.

Custom Solutions

Our forges can be used to create custom high strength bolts for your project.

  • We can forge bolts as large as 10,000 lbs.
  • We produce bolts up to 26” in diameter.
  • We can make bolts as long as 60’.

Our team of engineers can assist with designing your custom fasteners, too. They can help with material and finish selection based on your planned application, ensuring that our bolts perform as intended for your asset lifecycle. 

Purchase High Strength Bolts in Bulk from Dyson

As one of the nation’s premier high strength bolt manufacturers, Dyson is ready to satisfy your bulk ordering needs for these special types of bolts.

Ready to place an order for high strength bolts? Contact us for a custom quote that fits your project needs.