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The Best Uses of Headed Bolts on Industrial Projects

Headed bolt manufactured by Dyson Corporation
The Best Uses of Headed Bolts on Industrial Projects

When tackling a large construction project, it’s easy to get so caught up in the big picture that minor details can be overlooked. For instance, when considering the construction of a large bridge, your first thought might be the pavement, the rails, and the large beams that make up the bridge. However, critical details like the quality of bolts make those bridges passable for drivers.

We understand the importance of providing quality fastening components for industrial jobs of any size. If you’re looking for headed bolts, we have the solutions you need to help complete your next large project.

Which Types of Headed Bolts are Critical for Your Job?

Multiple types of headed bolts can serve specific purposes for infrastructure jobs. Let’s look at the most important types of bolts for the job.

Headed Anchor Bolts

Headed anchor bolts are some of the most popular fastening options, thanks primarily to their ability to be drilled into concrete. The headed tops of these bolts are efficient and safe since they give the drill, wrench, or other fastening tools multiple points of contact, which reduces slippage.

The threaded shaft of the bolt is strong enough and sharp enough to go into concrete. These characteristics make headed anchor bolts a popular choice for large industrial construction jobs when metal building frames need to be attached to a concrete pad. They are also commonly used in bridges and other infrastructure projects.

Heavy Hex Bolts

Heavy hex bolts are among the most diverse bolts within the headed bolt industry. These bolts are specifically designed for heavy-duty industrial use and are an excellent option for attaching wood or metal components to a concrete, wood, or metal frame.

While this type of headed bolt is primarily used in the world of machinery, it also has uses in construction. Since these bolts are designed for high amounts of tension and compression, they are commonly used in bridge construction. They come in various sizes and shapes, further diversifying their applications within the construction industry.

Hex Bolts

In addition to heavy hex bolts, you can also select custom forging for standard hex bolts. These bolts, which can be forged in various shapes and sizes, provide a long list of potential applications.

This bolt is another type that is commonly used in smaller assembly processes such as furniture assembly, but they are not limited to those types of projects. Instead, hex bolts are another great option when attaching a wood or metal frame to concrete.

The bolts in this category are made of incredibly strong material, providing a sturdy connection point between virtually any building material and a concrete surface.

Square Head Bolts

For years, before hex head bolts were available on the market, square head bolts were a popular option. The pointed angles along the perimeter of the bolt’s head provide the fastening tool with multiple points of contact, reducing the likelihood of the tool slipping.

While smaller square head bolts are commonly used in furniture assembly, larger options provide multiple uses in residential construction and, even more frequently, machinery.

Other Hex Head Bolts

As the name suggests, hex head bolts have six sides on the heads. Their configuration makes them highly slip-resistant during the fastening process, which helps speed up the process of installing these bolts. It also cuts down on injuries caused by a tool slipping off the head of the bolt.

Since hex head bolts come in various sizes, they can be used for virtually any task. Larger hex head bolts are commonly used in large construction projects, helping builders attach steel to steel, wood to wood, or either of those materials to a concrete pad.

Need Headed Bolts?

Dyson Corporation has been holding America together since 1884. For more than 115 years, we have worked closely with men and women in the construction industry, providing them with the custom-forged fastening devices needed to complete any job.

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