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How to Measure U Bolts for Your Next Job

U bolt measuring made easy with Dyson Corp.
How to Measure U Bolts for Your Next Job

Different types of bolts provide their unique benefits and applications. Whether tackling a large industrial construction project, providing military marine manufacturing or repair, or constructing a bridge or roadway, you must have access to the correct type of bolt for the job.

In addition to purchasing the right type of bolt, it’s equally important that you know how to order the right size bolt for the job. For example, if the job calls for u bolts, you need to know how to measure u bolts to support the project.

The Importance of Measuring U Bolts Before Ordering

Bolts that are too large can slip, compromising the structural integrity of the finished product. Conversely, bolts that are too small will fail to safely attach the two surfaces that they are responsible for securing, or they will break loose after very little use, leaving the project in need of repair.

The integrity of each project depends on ordering the correct bolt that fits the specific needs of the job. Knowing how to select the ideal u bolt is essential for procuring the materials you need.

How to Measure U Bolts in a Few Easy Steps

Let’s unpack the key steps involved in the measurement process.

1. Measure the Round Bend

The process of measuring a u bolt begins with measuring the round bend. Determining the length of the head from the round end to the square bend will give you some of the most critical information you need.

Choosing a u bolt with the right-sized head will ensure that the bolt can hold the materials together. A proper measurement will also minimize the risk of injuries due to the tool your team uses to fasten the bolt slipping off.

When the head of a u bolt is too large, the components that the bolt attaches will likely work themselves loose. Essentially, a bolt that is too large provides the two materials that it holds room to wiggle, compromising the structural integrity.

Similarly, a u bolt that is too small will not provide a wide enough head surface area to fasten the two parts safely. This situation often leads to bolts breaking or poor connections between surfaces.

2. Consider the Diameter

You will need to consider the diameter of the u bolt. This step is vital because it’s common to confuse the diameter and the length of the u bolt.

However, the diameter of the u bolt is the width of one of the “legs.” The legs refer to the threaded portion of the bolt that goes through both surfaces being connected.

Traditional u bolt diameters range anywhere from 3/8″ to 1″.

3. Understand the Length

The length of the u bolt is also often misunderstood. It’s easy to assume that the length is the measurement from the curve to the end of the legs, but that’s not the case.

Instead, length in u bolt measurements refers to the distance between the legs, also referred to as the hook. If there is a special bend in the u bolt, you will need to consider the distance between the legs at the special bend of the bolt.

Special bends are commonly used in custom-forged u bolts. Depending on the location of the bolt in your project, you may need a fastener that goes around bolts or other building materials. In these cases, knowing how to correctly measure u bolts is even more important.

4. Review the Thread Length

The thread length is one of the most important components of u bolt measurement. For instance, if you are trying to attach a piece of metal that is 2” thick to a concrete surface, you will want a u bolt with threads that are no less than 4” in diameter.

Too little thread length will lead to the u bolt failing to adequately connect the surfaces.

It’s easy to assume that you should just purchase a u bolt with an incredibly long thread length, but that’s not the case. When you have too much thread length on a u bolt, not only will it go out the other side of the surface that is being attached to, but it can actually weaken the structural integrity of the area that is being bolted together.

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