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Large diameter nuts on a conveyor belt at the Dyson Manufacturing facility.

Where to Find DFARS Compliant Fasteners for Marine

Dyson Corp. is proud to provide the fasteners that keep companies in multiple industries operating nationwide. However, one of the things that we’re most proud of is our long-term relationship with the United States military. Having been one of the most trusted names in the world of manufacturing since 1884,

Large infrastructure construction on a dam.

Purchase Concrete J Bolt Anchors for Infrastructure Projects

Concrete J bolt anchors can securely join two materials together, which improves structural integrity and strength. These bolts are used in many ways and are most commonly used to support infrastructure projects. But how do these fasteners work? What other benefits do they provide? Let’s take a closer look at

Hex nut, Jam nut, rod, and washer domestically poured and manufactured by Dyson Corporation.

When Do You Need to Procure a Jam Nut vs Hex Nut?

Are you responsible for procuring heavy hex nuts and domestic nuts for your company’s industrial project? Selecting the right nuts for the job is critical. When searching for products, you’ll come across several options. Two such options are hex nuts and jam nuts. What’s the difference? More importantly, which do