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Dyson Corp. Wins Two Awards at 2017 LC Safety Council Banquet

Dyson Corp. Wins Two Awards at 2017 LC Safety Council Banquet

PAINESVILLE, OH – JULY 10, 2017 – Established in 1985, the Lake County Safety Council is committed to providing safety information, training and recognition to achieve its goal of promoting workplace safety awareness. Meetings are held monthly to examine and resolve potential and existing safety problems, and they provide a forum for members to discuss similar safety concerns and solutions with fellow members.

At this year’s Annual Safety Awards Banquet, Dyson Corp was recognized twice for their outstanding safety efforts. They not only won the Achievement Award, which is given to companies or organizations that reduced their accident rate by 25% or more over the previous year, but they also won the 100 Percent Award, which means they worked the entire year without a single lost-time injury or illness!

Safety is a top priority at Dyson Corp, and their thriving safety program reflects it. They have an extensive safety training orientation for all new hires and refresher safety courses throughout the year, daily plant safety audits and department safety topic chats, monthly company-wide safety meetings, a dedicated safety committee and a near miss recognition program that rewards employees that recognize and bring to their supervisor’s attention any potential workplace hazards they may observe throughout the work day.

They feel honored that their hard work was recognized at this years Lake County Safety Council Awards Banquet, and they are looking forward to advancing their safety efforts in the coming year.


With more than 130 years of industry leadership, Dyson Corp is the leading provider of domestic large diameter fasteners and forgings. Headquartered in Painesville, OH, the company serves virtually all critical applications for large diameter fasteners in an array of different industries; from Renewable Energy, Bridge Construction, Marine and Military, Oil and Gas, Locks and Dams, Mining, Infrastructure and General Construction.