Dyson Corp. On Track to Surpass 2017 Safety Achievements in 2018

Dyson Corp. Linked to Safety

PAINESVILLE, OH – April 5, 2018 – Dyson Corp., the leading provider of 100% domestic large diameter fasteners and forgings has recently announced their strong start to safety so far in 2018.

Following the company’s impressive 2017 safety accomplishments – such as their acknowledgement at the 2017 Lake County Safety Council Awards Banquet with two safety awards: the Achievement Award and the 100 Percent Award – Dyson says they are “determined and on track to surpass last year’s safety achievements” in 2018.

By providing a full circle approach to EHS, and with specialized programs including monthly company-wide safety meetings, daily management audits, weekly department talks and an engaging near miss program, Dyson Corp. is seeing a spike in 2018 numbers as compared to 2017.

Dyson Safety Coordinator, Andrew Apathy, stated, “so far, our projections reflect increased numbers of near miss cards turned in, company-wide safety training classes held, and management audits conducted in 2018 as compared to 2017. Only three months into the year, we are pleased to see our workforce fully engaged in our safety programs and working together to strengthen and further it. We look forward to keeping up this momentum throughout the year.”

With more than 125 years of industry leadership, Dyson Corp. is the leading provider of 100% domestic large diameter fasteners and forgings. Headquartered in Painesville, OH, the company serves virtually all critical applications for large diameter fasteners in an array of different industries; from Renewable Energy, Bridge Construction, Marine and Military, Oil and Gas, Locks and Dams, Mining, Infrastructure and General Construction.