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Custom bolts manufactured in the USA by Dyson Corp.

Need an Anchor Bolt and Nut Supplier? We Make to Your Specs

When the general public sees a finished structure, whether a bridge, dam, or windmill, they rarely consider each of the small parts that made the finished product possible. However, those large finished products can only come to fruition with the support of pieces such as nuts and washers. Dyson Corp.

Domestically produced bolts sorted in bolt after manufacturing.

Need A325 Nuts in Bulk? We’ll Meet Your Project Timeline

Finding bulk amounts of A325 nuts for heavy-duty projects can be challenging. You may be considering overseas sources for fasteners, but there is a better approach than sourcing A325 nuts from offshore suppliers. Placing an A325 nut order from non-U.S. providers can lead to these problems: The third concern can

Electrolated fastener domestically manufactured by Dyson Corp.

Need Electroplated Fasteners? We Deliver On Time

Electroplated fasteners are one of the top options when you need access to a corrosion-resistant fastening solution. These types of fasteners feature zinc coating that: These fasteners can be used in various applications and withstand many environmental factors. However, the quality and performance of your finished fasteners will depend on