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Need A325 Nuts in Bulk? We’ll Meet Your Project Timeline

Domestically produced bolts sorted in bolt after manufacturing.
Need A325 Nuts in Bulk? We’ll Meet Your Project Timeline

Finding bulk amounts of A325 nuts for heavy-duty projects can be challenging. You may be considering overseas sources for fasteners, but there is a better approach than sourcing A325 nuts from offshore suppliers.

Placing an A325 nut order from non-U.S. providers can lead to these problems:

  • Poor product quality
  • Fitting issues
  • Long turnaround times

The third concern can be detrimental to your project because shipping delays can be quite costly. Working with a domestic supplier to produce A325 nuts in bulk would be best. Dyson Corp. is that supplier.

All of our fasteners are 100% Made in America, which enables us to deliver the highest-quality products according to your project timeline.

Before we dive into the benefits of partnering with Dyson for your bulk orders, let’s look at the best uses of A325 nuts.

What Are A325 Nuts?

A325 nuts are heavy-duty nuts that are used with A325 bolts. A325 bolts meet strict American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specs. A325 bolt features include:

  • Chamfered points
  • Washer faces
  • Flat bearing surfaces
  • Medium carbon steel construction

Using A325 nuts with A325 bolts ensures adequate joint strength. Failing to use the right nuts could compromise joints.

A325 nuts and bolts are typically used in heavy industries to build the following structures:

  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Wind towers
  • Locks
  • Other heavy-duty assets

All nuts produced at our facility follow strict ASTM standards, making us the ideal source for fasteners used in heavy-duty, high-strength applications. 

How Dyson Can Meet Your Project Timeline

Dyson can help meet your project timeline by ensuring you have access to the best products for your job.

We Offer a Wide Selection of Nuts

When you order fasteners from Dyson, you can select from the following types of nuts, in addition to A325 nuts:

  • Acorn nuts
  • Castle nuts
  • Coupler nuts
  • D-loc nuts
  • Hex coil nuts
  • M-loc nuts
  • 12-point nuts
  • Sleeve nuts
  • Spanner nuts
  • Spherical coil nuts

Dyson can make nuts in diameters ranging from 1 ½” to 26”. We can make custom nuts to meet your specs. 

We also make externally threaded fasteners, like bolts, in-house. Our internal process enables us to check nut and bolt fit. We offer this service because checking thread fit is essential when making large-diameter nuts.

Dyson also offers many other services. Our in-house services include the following:

  • Custom forging
  • Heat-treating
  • Machining
  • Finishing
  • Testing
  • Quality control

All products must pass our strict QC processes. Otherwise, they never leave our facility. Our QC measures help ensure that you get fasteners that meet the demands of your project.

Dyson is a true one-stop shop for custom A325 bolts and fasteners. 

We Offer Domestic Production

All products are 100% American Made from start to finish. Our fully equipped Ohio facility can produce A325 nuts upon request. We also make large head bolts and other custom fasteners. 

Because all products are made in the U.S., we can deliver nuts in bulk faster than offshore suppliers, enabling us to support even the tightest project timelines. 

U.S. production provides other benefits, too. For example, our products exhibit consistent quality. Whether your A325 nut order is for 10,000 or 100,000 nuts, each product will fit perfectly.

In addition to offering U.S. forging, we also use the latest equipment to manufacture the highest quality nuts, allowing us to offer competitive pricing and fast shipping for our customers.

We Offer Prompt Turnaround Times

We understand that managing a major infrastructure project is hectic enough. The last thing you need is to deal with surprise fastener order delays. However, these delays are all too common when working with offshore providers.

So, why not save yourself the headache? You can make life easier by partnering with Dyson to support your project needs. 

Our fulfillment capabilities are further expedited by our 100% American-made model. Everything is shipped from our Ohio facility so that we can fulfill orders faster than offshore companies.

Ready to Place Your A325 Nut Order in Bulk?

Placing a bulk order of A325 nuts does not have to be a hassle. You can source quality nuts according to your schedule by partnering with Dyson.

Every fastener that leaves our facility is made right here in the U.S. The fasteners are forged using the highest quality metals from domestically-sourced materials, ensuring a consistent and reliable finish.

Contact us today for pricing on your next A325 nut order. Let’s get you the parts you need to support critical jobs.