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Hex nut, Jam nut, rod, and washer domestically poured and manufactured by Dyson Corporation.

When Do You Need to Procure a Jam Nut vs Hex Nut?

Are you responsible for procuring heavy hex nuts and domestic nuts for your company’s industrial project? Selecting the right nuts for the job is critical. When searching for products, you’ll come across several options. Two such options are hex nuts and jam nuts. What’s the difference? More importantly, which do

Heavy duty fastener for large-scale military and industrial projects manufactured by Dyson Corp.

What Separates Military Fastener Manufacturers?

When looking for military fastener manufacturers, you must choose a high-quality company with a history of supporting the U.S. defense effort. You want to work with a company that sources their materials domestically, like Dyson Corp., so that you can access critical application fasteners for the military that support our

Domestic Fasteners, including a bolt, washer, and rod, manufactured domestically by Dyson Corporation.

What to Know about ASTM F3125 for Structural Bolts Manufacturing

Having access to the best structural bolts and specialty fasteners is essential for building, improving, and maintaining America’s infrastructure system. As an engineer, you already know the importance of having access to the best tools and materials in the industry. Still, it’s equally important to know the details about meeting