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Custom Forgings

Dyson Corp.’s long history began in 1884 as a specialty forge shop. Today, custom forgings at the facility range from 1/2 to 10,000 pounds, and in small batch quantities to large volume runs.

Dyson Corp. can forge virtually all material grades and materials including carbon, stainless, tool-grade and exotics.

Its forge shop features large mechanical and hydraulic forging presses for large and specialty forged products, and a hammer press enabling them to produce very large diameter nuts (5.0″+).

All tooling is designed and made in-house. In-house heat treating, special torch cutting machines, automatic lathes, media blasting and finishing fulfill your secondary requirements.

Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

1960 Series

Hex & Heavy Hex Nuts

Hex & Heavy Hex Jam Nuts

Hex & Heavy Hex Slotted Nuts

Recessed Bridge Pins

Heavy Square Nuts

Forged Bar Stock

Transition Forgings

Diagonals & Stubs

Custom Rods

Shafting, Rings & Plugs

Multiple Step Forgings

Spindles, Spools & Flanges

Valve Stems & Piston Rods

Axels & Gear Blanks

Multiple Step Forgings

Anchor Bolts

Custom Pins (All Types)

Complete Tie-Rod Assemblies

Eyebolts, Forged Hooks, Rod & Yoke Ends

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DIAMETERS: From 3/4″ up to 26″

LENGTHS: 1″ up to 36″

WEIGHT: Up to 10,000 Pounds

Dyson Corp. works to forging specifications including ASTM-A668, MIL-S-24093, MIL-S-23284, ASTM, SAE, ASME, Military & Federal standards, ISO, AASHTO and custom specifications.

ASTM-A307, Grades A + B

SAE-J429, Grades 2, 5 + 8

ASTM-A325, Types 1 +3

ASTM-A449, Type 1

ASTM-F568M, Classes 8.8, 10.9 + 12.9

ASTM-A193, Grades B7, B16, B8 + B8M

ASTM-A320, Grades L7, L43, B8 + B8M

ASTM-A490, Types 1 + 3

ASTM-A354, Grades BC + BD


ASTM-A540, Grades B21-B24

ASTM-A668, All Classes


MATERIALS: Carbon. Alloy, Stainless, Nitronic, Inconel, Monel, K500 Monel, Titanium, Brass, Bronze and Copper

COATINGS:  Zinc, Cadmium, Phosphate, Ceramic, IVD, Chrome, Copper Flash, Black Oxide and MIL-C-87115