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We Make Durable Heavy Hex Bolts for Industrial Projects

Large-Diameter Hex Bolt manufactured by Dyson Corp.
We Make Durable Heavy Hex Bolts for Industrial Projects

When undertaking any type of job, especially a large, industrial job that supports our nation’s infrastructure, it’s crucial to have access to the robust fasteners and bolts you need, especially heavy hex bolts.

The Importance of Heavy Hex Bolts

When many people think of building supplies for bridges and buildings, they think about massive beams and the powerful tools required to connect them. However, the bolts, nuts, washers, and other fasteners used when constructing an enormous project are equally essential to ensure structural integrity and durability.

Dyson Corp. offers the best heavy hex bolts in the industry. We ensure that you have access to the structural connections that you need. Find out more about our structural bolts and how they can help you with your high-pressure applications today.

Uses of Heavy Hex Bolts

There are several cases when using structural bolts with a hex head just isn’t enough. Instead, it would be best to choose a heavy hex bolt that meets the tensile strength requirements set forth by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

While we will take a deeper look at their requirements in a moment, we’re first going to review some cases in which our alloy steel bolts can help you complete the job that you’re trying to get done.


Our standard hex bolts are commonly used to support bridges people drive over daily. These finished hex bolts can be custom-made in various sizes, making them perfect for large projects of any size.

One of the most important aspects of hex bolts is their ability to tighten their grip when faced with high levels of tension. On bridges, this is especially critical, as several parts cross and pull at one another. When vehicles are placed on those bridges, the levels of tension increase even more, further facilitating the need for standard heavy hex bolts.

Infrastructure & Construction

Additionally, there is great demand for a490 bolts when constructing large structures. Long before massive buildings have sides and roofs put into place, countless metal beams run vertically and horizontally inside the building.

The bolts that hold together these beams made of alloy steel must be incredibly strong and able to support large amounts of weight that those beams are responsible for supporting.

Other Uses

Perhaps your needs aren’t quite as large as those responsible for building bridges, creating roads, and constructing skyscrapers. Fortunately, we place the same quality and care into manufacturing bolts for other industrial projects as the larger projects that are a vital part of America’s infrastructural system.

Our bolts are commonly used in decks, machine repairs, and multiple other outdoor applications that aren’t as large as bridges and infrastructure. Essentially any job that you’re taking on can be made easier by the quality hex bolts that we manufacture. Of course, each of the bolts we manufacture meets industry standards, which is excellent news for you.

ASTM Specifications and Our Bolts

Dyson Corp. understands the importance of meeting and exceeding industry standards. Each bolt, nut, washer, and other manufactured parts are created to meet critical industry standards.

For instance, ASTM A193 governs how any stainless steel bolting for pressure vessels, flanges, valves, and fittings for materials used in high temperatures or high-pressure services are manufactured.

According to ASTM criteria, these bolts must meet specific performance standards and be manufactured according to a designated method.

Additionally, we manufacture bolts and fasteners that meet the criteria set by ASTM A325, a standard that focuses on bolt strength, which is something we closely monitor.

A325, also referred to as SAE grade 5, is a standard to ensure that bolts are strong enough to withstand the weight of large industrial projects such as bridges, roads, and massive buildings.

Order Heavy Hex Bolts in Bulk from Dyson Corp.

Dyson has been holding America together since 1884. We have provided world-class materials for the men and women who have built America’s roadways, bridges, and buildings for almost 150 years. With over a century of service under our belts, we have put the materials that builders need directly into their hands.

When you place an order from Dyson Corp., you can rest assured that you will receive quality materials that meet ASTM standards. Additionally, we understand that deadlines matter. We will work tirelessly to ensure you have the materials you need when you need them.

Contact Dyson today to request a quote on your next bulk order of 100% American-made heavy hex bolts.