Dyson Corp. to Supply Critical Fasteners – Ohio River Miter Gate Anchorage Replacement Project

PAINESVILLE, OH – OCTOBER 1, 2017 – Dyson, the leading provider of domestic large diameter fasteners, forgings and machined parts is pleased to announce its been awarded a contract to supply critical fasteners for the Ohio River Lock Miter Gate Anchorage Replacement Project.

Dyson is contracted to supply eyebolts, anchor arms, pins, lock nuts and sleeve nuts for the lock’s restoration.

Dyson has supplied key components to major lock and dam industry projects including: the Grand Coulee Dam, the McAlpine Lock and Dam, and the Olmstead Dam.

Dyson is thrilled to continue doing its part to help America harness natures power!

With more than 130 years of industry leadership, Dyson is the leading provider of domestic large diameter fasteners and forgings. Headquartered in Painesville, OH, the company serves virtually all critical applications for large diameter fasteners in an array of different industries; from Renewable Energy, Bridge Construction, Marine and Military, Oil and Gas, Locks and Dams, Mining, Infrastructure and General Construction.