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Best Uses of a Threaded Anchor Rod for Your Project

Threaded rod manufactured in the USA by Dyson Corporation.
Best Uses of a Threaded Anchor Rod for Your Project

A threaded anchor rod is a versatile threaded fastener typically placed in concrete to provide support for other assets.

Anchor rods are also known as foundation bolts. There are several standard sizes and grades of anchor rods, and each type plays a crucial role in a wide array of typical commercial projects. You can also order custom rods for more unique projects.

Anchor Rod Use Cases

Anchor rods can be used in a variety of industrial settings. They can be used to support the following structures:

  • Light poles
  • Traffic signal poles
  • Steel utility poles
  • Structural steel columns 
  • Steel towers
  • Industrial gear
  • Highway sign frames

Threaded Anchor Rod Specifications

There are many different ASTM specifications for anchor rods. It’s important to know these specifications so you order the appropriate units according to the project requirements.

The most often used rod grading system is ASTM F1554, under which the grade identifies the rod’s minimum yield strength. Three common ASTM F1554 grades are as follows:

  • Grade 105: Rods of this grade are made from high-strength alloy steel that has been quenched and tempered. Its yield strength must be 105 KSI or higher.
  • Grade 55: Rods with a KSI of 55 or higher receive a grade of 55. These low-alloy steel bolts are good for medium-duty applications.
  • Grade: 36: 36 KSI anchor rods are made from mild steel. They can support light poles, signs, and other light assets. 

Some other ASTM standards you may encounter include any of these:

  • A307
  • A449
  • A354
  • A193
  • A320
  • F593
  • A36
  • A572

For more details on these grades, we invite you to contact Dyson Corp. Our team can help you decide what grade of anchor rod aligns with your planned use. We can also talk about different finishes and forging methods, which is important because these decisions impact anchor rod performance and longevity.

Types of Anchor Rods

Anchor rods can be created in a wide range of styles and formats. Standard anchor rods are always straight. On the other hand, some anchor bolts feature a 90-degree bend. 

If you intend to set anchor rods in concrete, they will need a nut and forged bolt head. You can also use a rod with a bolt and a non-removable plate. These parts prevent the rod from being pulled out of the concrete.

Most anchor rods have a small segment of threading on each end, but you can also purchase all-thread rods, which have a steady line of threading from end to end. 

Conversely, swedged anchor rods have threaded on only one end. The embedded side has indentations, or “swedges,” which offer pull-out resistance. These rods are often used for highway construction projects.

Need to Place a Bulk Anchor Rod Order? Contact Dyson Corp

Dyson Corp. provides a wide range of fastening solutions, including threaded anchor rods. We have complete in-house manufacturing capabilities. Our team can tailor the specs of your anchor rods to your unique needs, producing fasteners ranging from 1/2 to 10,000 lbs. and with diameters up to 26”.

The best part is that all of our products are 100% American-made. Our domestic manufacturing processes enable us to:

  • Offer condensed delivery timetables
  • Expedite orders
  • Ensure exceptional product quality
  • Better serve clients like you
  • Support other U.S. businesses

Looking for a quote on domestically-sourced threaded anchor rod parts and other supporting parts? Contact Dyson Corp. today. We look forward to addressing the specific needs of your project.