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Large Diameter Domestic Nuts

Dyson Corp.’s vast inventory of domestic heavy hex nuts allows for same day delivery in up to truckload quantities. Dyson nuts can be manufactured with carbon, alloy, stainless and monel product in all specifications to meet any customer requirement!

Coupling Nuts

Sleeve Nuts

Hexagon Head Cap Nuts

Round Spanner Nuts

Nylon Top Lock Nuts

Hex & Heavy Hex Nuts

Square & Heavy Square Nuts

Slotted Nuts

Special T.I.R. Nuts

Hex & Spherical Coil Nuts

D-LOC Sealing Nuts

M-LOC Sealing Nuts

Spindles, Spools & Flanges

Valve Stems & Piston Rods

Axels & Gear Blanks

Multiple Step Forgings

Anchor Bolts

Custom Pins (All Types)

Complete Tie-Rod Assemblies

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DIAMETERS: From 3/4″ up to 26″

LENGTHS: 1″ up to 36″

WEIGHT: Up to 10,000 Pounds

Dyson Corp. works to forging specifications including ASTM-A668, MIL-S-24093, MIL-S-23284, ASTM, SAE, ASME, Military & Federal standards, ISO, AASHTO and custom specifications.

ASTM-A307, Grades A + B

SAE-J429, Grades 2, 5 + 8

ASTM-A325, Types 1 +3

ASTM-A449, Type 1

ASTM-F568M, Classes 8.8, 10.9 + 12.9

ASTM-A193, Grades B7, B16, B8 + B8M

ASTM-A320, Grades L7, L43, B8 + B8M

ASTM-A490, Types 1 + 3

ASTM-A354, Grades BC + BD


ASTM-A540, Grades B21-B24

ASTM-A668, All Classes


MATERIALS: Carbon. Alloy, Stainless, Nitronic, Inconel, Monel, K500 Monel, Titanium, Brass, Bronze and Copper

COATINGS:  Zinc, Cadmium, Phosphate, Ceramic, IVD, Chrome, Copper Flash, Black Oxide and MIL-C-87115