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General Purchasing Conditions
Form “GPC” Revision# 7 (09/14/2021)

1) A general condition of Dyson purchase orders issued for products or raw materials is that DFARS 252.2257014 ALT 1 compliant raw materials are
required. This require that domestically melted and manufactured material is required. When this is not possible, Dyson will consider purchasing
material of foreign melt or manufacture but must preapprove the use of this material or it may be subject to rejection upon receipt at Dyson.

2) Material traceability must be maintained for all materials provided or processed by your company. Raw materials shall be marked to maintain
traceability to the material test reports furnished with the material. Parts provided or processed by your company shall be processed and shipped in
a manner to maintain heat or lot traceability. Dyson must be contacted to obtain specific approval to deviate from these requirements.

If the scope of work of this purchase order involves any operations which remove traceability markings present on the material or parts, the supplier is
responsible for reapplying the marking at the earliest opportunity. Unless otherwise required the markings shall be reapplied using the same method
used originally and in the same location. If alternative marking methods or an alternative marking location is necessary, Dyson shall approve this
change via PO change notice.

3) (Access to Facilities) Before, during, or after completing the requirements of the Dyson order, your company shall afford access to your facilities to
Dyson or Dyson’s customer(s) for the inspection of hardware/review of software. Note that this requirement does not constitute a specific hold point;
specific hold points will be identified within the text of the Dyson purchase order. Furthermore, any material, workmanship, or service forming any
part of any subcontracted order may be inspected and/or tested at all times and places by Dyson’s customer and/or Government Inspectors,
including your facility as a subcontractor of Dyson.

4) Order of precedence: The Dyson order shall take precedence over technical information (specifications, blueprints, etc.) contained within. The
supplier is responsible for contacting Dyson when a conflict of information is identified. You shall not proceed with any requirement that is in conflict
with the purchase order requirements, notes, specifications (including revision levels), or drawings. Any discrepancy found between the Dyson
purchase order and attached or reference specifications (including revision levels), or drawings must be reported to Dyson, and written consent
received from Dyson prior to proceeding. If unsure of appropriate specification or drawing revision levels, contact Dyson for clarification.

5) Dyson’s purchase order may include approval to ship a specific heat or lot of material in which original mill certificates are required for review and
approval by Dyson prior to material delivery. This approval does not relieve the supplier of the responsibility to provide material that fully meets
stated specification requirements. Material is subject to rejection if a violation of technical requirements is found after delivery and may be returned
to your facility.

6.) Dyson must be informed of any deviation or nonconformance to specified requirements prior to delivery of hardware or completion of your service.

Supplier shall not ship any item known to be nonconforming without obtaining our approval.

7) Records supporting the conformance of your service or your product to specified requirements must be made available upon request, and must be
retained for 7 years. Before disposing of any records relevant to General Dynamics/Electric Boat product or personnel qualifications, notify Dyson of
your intent to dispose of these records. Dyson is required to Notify GDEB to see if they wish to take possession and hold said records.

8) Quality requirements contained in this order shall be passed down to your suppliers as is appropriate to the service or material being provided.

9) When Level 1 is indicated on a Dyson Purchase Order:

Level 1 ( LEVEL 1 ) is a term that Dyson indicates on a purchase order that this is material or service is part of a product to the United States Navy
and there is a need for material traceability regarding this material. Level 1 is a designation that signifies that the material is identified from the raw
material to end product. Compliance to Level 1 means that control has been exercised through the manufacturing process to positively (not
reasonably) insure that the specific raw material started with is the exact same material of the end product.

10) Level 1 Certification Requirements when indicated on the Dyson Purchase Order:
Material Purchases:

1. The supplier shall provide only original copies of the inspection and test data issue by the mill or other applicable company. Transcription of any
data is expressly prohibited.

2. If the starting material or raw stock is processed in a manner which does not alter the material’s mechanical properties, the chemical and
physical test report (e.g. mill certifications) for the starting material are appropriate for submission.

3. If processes (e.g. heat treatment, forming) that alter the material’s mechanical properties are performed on the material, the material’s
properties shall be determined. In these cases, the supplier shall provide test reports which provide objective quality evidence which attest to
the material’s mechanical properties both in the starting and final conditions. When providing this objective quality evident (test reports) of the
final properties it shall refer to the material heat number (s) cited on the original reports in addition to any lot and/or serial number.

4. Reports of other required test and inspections (e.g. liquid penetrant test, ultrasonic test, dimensional inspections) shall also be traceable both to
the starting material and the final material by direct reference to either the unique mill heat number or lot/serial numbers.

5. Level I material suppliers shall furnish a certificate of compliance describing the product furnished, including heat number, and state that the
material is free of mercury contamination from your handling of the material. This certification shall be signed by your authorized representative
which includes the person’s typed name and title.

6. Suppliers shall be aware and vigilant for Malpractice and Fraud and Falsification, as it affects contract compliance. Suppliers must
acknowledge receipt of the following notification and confirm that malpractice prevention has been implemented at their facility via email.

11) The contractor and subcontractor shall abide by the requirements of 41 CFR §§ 601.4(a), 60300.5(a) and 60741.5(a). These regulations
prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals based on their status as protected veterans or individuals with disabilities and
prohibit discrimination against all individuals based on their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national
origin. Moreover, these regulations require that covered prime contractors and subcontractors take affirmative action to employ and
advance in employment individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin,
protected veteran status or disability.

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Requirements applicable to all reports/certifications:

1. The material inspection and test data shall be legible, complete, and recorded on the testing company’s letterhead or form.

2. Each report shall bear the name, title, and actual signature of the testing company’s authorize representative. Electronic signatures must
be indicated “ES” “es” or “s” next to the signature.

3. Each report shall identify the associated mill heat number of the material, lot or trace code (if applicable) noted on the Dyson Purchase
order, and material tag must identify the amount of material or number of pieces inspected or tested.

4. Statements on the material reports or certifications must be positive and unqualified, Disclaimers such as “To the best of our knowledge”
or “we believe the information contained herein is true” are not acceptable and may result in the rejection of the material or inspection

5. Version of documents (Year date revision, amendments, change notices and/or interim changes) used in the performance of the Dyson
Purchase order must be used in its entirety. Example: ASTM- -07a, then ASTM- -07a must be used on all documentation.

6. All certifications must contain the following statement: This test report represents the actual attributes of the items furnished and that the
results are in full compliance with all applicable specification and order requirements.