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Window Scratch Repair

Window Scratch Repair

At Unscratch The Surface, we pride ourselves on being the scratch glass repair company of choice. Our expert can repair plate glass windows and tempered glass windows. We perform glass restoration services for residential and commercial buildings to save you money on glass replacement. Call us today at 805-295-9020 for your window scratch repair service.

Our Window Scratch Repair Service

Has anyone marked your windows with graffiti? Did your glass window gets scratched in the moving process? Did you try to remove a film or sticker in your glass with a razor and get the glass scratched? The team at Unscratch The Surface will have the scratches in your window removed quickly. We can remove your glass scratches at an affordable price and return the glass to its integrity and clarity. We repair and remove scratches from windows of all shapes and sizes. 

Our skilled experts can remove deep to minor scratches on almost any glass surface using the latest technologies. We restore all window glass types to pristine clarity without distortion or weakening the glass. Our team can effectively remove scratches on office and home glass windows and even some types of auto glass. Our system is compact and mobile, allowing us to work on-site.  

Why Are We The Best

We shine where others have failed.

We have been repairing the substandard work of other glass repair companies for years. We travel around the US to provide repair services when local service providers cannot take on the job.

We have years of proven track record.

We have been in the industry for many years. We have repaired every type of window scratch. With our professional glass restoration service, you can have the confidence that your window scratch job will be done right.  

We have a portfolio of completed jobs.

We have a full gallery of completed projects. We've worked on several jobs to fix another glass restoration company error. This will give you peace of mind knowing that an experienced company is working on your property.

We are fully insured.

Although we've never damaged our customer's property and we don't pray that happens. At Unscratch The Surface, we have liability insurance, and we are happy to add you when working on your window.

No haze or distortion.

You won't be left with distortion or haze window after restoring your scratched glass. We are not like other companies that use DIY scratch removal kit. Unscratch The Surface offer residential and commercial glass restoration service. When you hire us, your window is in the best hands. 

Schedule An Appointment With Unscratch The Surface Today

You can count on us for any type of window scratch repair. Whether your glass has a more serious crack or a minor scratch, our certified professionals can quickly and efficiently repair your glass. When you choose to work with the team at Unscratch The Surface, you partner with glass window experts. Call us today at 805-295-9020 to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives.

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Window Scratch Repair
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Window Scratch Repair Window Scratch Repair