New Foundations And Slabs Malibu

New Foundations And Slabs Malibu

One of the first steps in the construction of a new home is to install the slab or foundation. New foundations and slabs in Malibu are made from concrete. Concrete is a strong, dense, material that holds up well to all types of conditions. It is the best option for new home construction. A slab foundation is often made out of thick concrete that is poured directly into prepared and leveled ground.

New Foundations and Slabs in Malibu

New foundations and slabs in Malibu need to be made and installed properly using the highest quality materials and workmanship. If the foundation fails it will damage the entire home or building and could cause irreparable problems. It is best to have new foundations and slabs in Malibu installed by a professional company with years of experience. You certainly don’t want to take any shortcuts when it comes to the foundation of your new building.

The proper design and implementation of new foundations and slabs in Malibu is essential to their performance. The slab should be installed using best practices and high quality materials. A poorly designed slab or foundation can result in future problems. The foundation should be engineered based on the specifics of the project. Also, mistakes made during installation could also be the source of problems down the road.

You need to rely on an expert concrete service company with years of experience in the Malibu area. Installing a high quality slab or foundation is much less expensive than trying to make repairs to it after it has become damaged or cracked.

About Slab Foundations

Slab foundations are commonly used in areas where there is warm weather year round or where the ground temperatures won’t get too cold. Slab foundations are made with concrete that is poured to about four to six inches thick in the middle with thicker edges. Sometimes a slab foundation utilizes post tension cables or steel rods for reinforcement. These materials make the foundation extremely sturdy and stable.

It is important to keep in mind that the slab will bear the weight of the entire home. Therefore, its size, thickness and materials should be engineered accordingly. Concrete slabs typically have a layer of sand underneath to promote drainage and to act as a cushion. There is no crawl space under the slab. Generally, homes in our area do not have basements as homes in the north have. Therefore, the concrete slab acts to support the entire home.

The property should be adequately graded before the foundation is installed. If the area isn’t graded the foundation will not be as secure as it should be and it could shift or sink over time. Slab foundations are usually fast and easy to install and provide a barrier that protects the home from mold, mildew, rodents and insects. It also helps to lower utility bills. As long as it is installed properly, a concrete slab can make the ideal affordable option for most new construction. Contact our company today to obtain a quote for your new foundation or slab.



New Foundations And Slabs Malibu
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New Foundations And Slabs Malibu
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New Foundations And Slabs Malibu New Foundations And Slabs Malibu