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Mobile Industrial Robots MIR

Mobile Industrial Robots MIR

Manual workers in the United States spend hours doing rough physical work to lift heavy items and move items across locations. The innovation of autonomous mobile robots eases the effort and increases overall productivity. Companies that are always looking for efficiency use mobile automated functions to curb health complications and free valuable time for staff to commit to more demanding concerns.

The prominence of mobile industrial robots is typical in manufacturing plants. Several research firms estimate that the overall value of mobile industrial robots will be $39 by 2026.

Benefits of our mobile industrial robots MIR

Augmented human labor

MIR is programmable to travel through the most optimal routes of different assignments. The designs perform several tasks and execute orders to fulfill enough processes that reduce human labor demand.

The traditional walking area involves walking to the arrival area to retrieve the right package for sorting and transfer. This entire process increases the overall operational time by up to two or three times. We use collaborative robots to automate travel, sorting, and transportation of packages to and from the shipping area. Therefore, the total is even shorter when picking and sorting through orders of the same type.

Better flexibility

Cameras and sensors are practical in improving operations with optimal flexibility and agility. We follow predetermined paths to create efficient routes from the pickup to the delivery spot. The automation technology needs little reprogramming for both small and substantial manufacturing plants.

It is relatively easy to deploy and integrate our MIR. You do not need any structural or permanent systemic changes to implement the robots. You only need our initial implementation for day-to-day operations and the usual start-up and shut down procedures at the beginning and end of the day.

Improved safety

Part of ensuring safety includes improving efficiency and accuracy. The best robots on the market today have different cameras and sensors to enable security. We quickly avoid obstacles and find new ways with inbuilt mechanisms to improve operations. The safety mechanisms eliminate the need for repetitive tasks to protect human resources and the entire manufacturing plant.


Mobile robots are programmable for picking and dropping items at strategic spots. However, you can use our machines for many more functions within the plant. This setting eliminates the need for additional systems to carry forth other agendas. The most significant disadvantage of fixed industrial robots is you may have to dismantle and move each piece when you move or expand the manufacturing plant. The entire process incurs extra costs and time as you set up shop in a different space.

Mobile robots are an ideal option because they offer a permanent solution in a flexible environment. The business will maintain a tight budget despite the growing infrastructure and distribution facility. The dynamic navigation through the warehouse means you can deploy collaborative solutions throughout the facility with manageable capital investments.

It means nothing to have the most expensive robots if they cost you a fortune when you want to expand or improve your service. Use our flexible and customizable mobile robotics to ease workflow and secure the right future for increased productivity. We are available on 419-270-0770 for the best-automated solutions.


Mobile Industrial Robots MIR

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Mobile Industrial Robots MIR Mobile Industrial Robots MIR