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Hurricane Windows Miami

Hurricane Windows Miami

If you live in the state of Florida, you may have already thought about putting in hurricane-proof windows and doors. The home you have might have them installed already, but you now think it is time for a replacement. The more you know about hurricane windows in Miami, the easier it will be for you to decide on the right option to fit your needs and budget. This includes looking into ratings, brands, installations, and much more. 

About Miami Impact Windows 

It is normal to wonder why impact windows are a good thing to have, what they are made of, and what it is that makes them strong. Hurricane impact windows and doors are engineered to be more durable and stronger than standard glass windows. These types of windows are highly recommended for homes within regions prone to hurricanes and tropical storms. But, how can you know that you are getting the right hurricane windows in Miami suitable for your home?

Hurricane Window History 

This is a technology that dates back to the 1930s where glass manufacturers started to look for a material that was durable and tough enough for automobile windshields. Moving forward to 1992, as Hurricane Andrew came through South Florida, hurricane windows quickly became recognized for all that they can do to help protect homes and buildings. 

How Strong Are Hurricane Windows in Miami?

Good quality hurricane impact windows and doors are made to withstand conditions as prominent as those that come with a category 5 hurricane, such as 158 mph winds. They can also handle impacts from heavy ice or hail and flying debris. It is quite possible to hit an impact window with the force of a sledgehammer and not even create a crack; that is how strong they are. 

Are Miami Impact Windows Right for Your Home?

If you already have impact windows, then it might be worth finding out if you should upgrade. Should your building not have them, you will see that they can be an integral part of your home’s structure. The more that a quality impact window can stay intact during a major storm or hurricane, the better the chance your building has to stand up to it without a lot of damage to the roof or walls. The stronger the Miami hurricane impact windows, the better the chance you have of protecting your property and belongings during any severe weather event. Additionally, these impact windows feature other benefits like:

  • Soundproofing to keep your interior quieter
  • Virtually break-in proof
  • Insulating properties and more

Are you ready to install hurricane windows in Miami? We are here to help at Signature Impact Windows and Doors. We offer a variety of styles and plenty of products to ensure you have the ability to protect your home, family, and your contents. Get in touch with us today, and we will go over your options with you by putting together a quote for installation or replacement. Request a quote by calling (305) 912-7493 or fill out our convenient online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hurricane Windows Miami

The Complete Guide To Getting The Best Hurricane Windows In Miami

Glass workerDue to increasing human activities and, vast changes have been noticed in the overall climate of the Earth due to the ever-rising global warming. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in the number of natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes. Regions such as Miami with such low-lying terrains are most vulnerable to these drastic climatic changes and rising sea levels and have been subjected to ...
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Hurricane Windows Miami Hurricane Windows Miami