Ball mill liner bolts

Ball mill liner bolts

An angle grinder refers to essential equipment that should never be a miss on your list whenever you are planning to stock your home with the right power tools. They are necessary for polishing and cutting materials. There are several factors one has to look at when purchasing an angle grinder. Here are some of the most important factors you have to consider.

Disc Size

Size of the disc also referred to as the wheel or head is one thing you must look at first whenever you are purchasing an angle grinder. The larger the disc size, the more powerful its motor will be. However, you do not necessarily have to go for the biggest mill. What you need is a machine with the right disc size capable of efficiently handling your job.

For instance, when you are in need of extreme accuracy during grinding, going for a pneumatic grinder with a small disc will be the best option.


You can power the angle grinders by use of compressed air, electricity or petrol. Each is known to have positives and negatives. For instance, whenever the charge of an electric angle grinder runs out, it will stop working. With petrol angle grinders, all you will need is refilling the machine when the petrol is almost up. Ensure that you take your time and consider all the benefits and demerits and go for the one that best suits you.


It is advisable that you always check the disc speed before purchasing an angle grinder. The more the number, the more effective it will be. Discs do rotate anywhere from 5000 to 10000 revolutions per every 60 seconds. It explains why the grinders do make a better tool when it comes to grinding and cutting. Go for a machine with the highest resolutions. It is also appropriate that you go for a device with the highest number of disc revolutions.


It is easier for one to judge the wattage of an angle grinder. The more powerful the mill, the higher the wattage and the easier it will be in grinding or cutting objects it comes into contact. Bigger discs will be in need of more wattage when they are compared to the smaller ones.


The majority of the anglers are known to be capable of changing discs with other accessories. It makes it possible to use one single grinder for several purposes. Ensure the angle grinder you buy is using attachments in providing support. Look for other available options if it does not.

Soft Start

The soft start feature makes it possible for one to handle the grinder with ease whenever you are starting it up as it helps in preventing the angle grinder from wrenching or twisting. It is appropriate that you keep in mind that the motor is in full speed and the Ball mill liner bolts are in good shape before using the grinder. Being easy to handle does not mean the grinder should immediately be used on any deck or surface.

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Ball mill liner bolts Ball mill liner bolts