Environmental Health & Safety Engineer

Reports To: Engineering Director
FLSA Status: Exempt
Department: Engineering

Manufacturer of large specialty fasteners and forgings used in Heavy Construction, Infrastructure, Power Generation, and General Distribution.


The safety engineer identifies and eliminates or controls hazardous conditions resulting from human error, equipment and machine operations that may lead to injury and/or property damage. This role must apply mathematical techniques; engineering principles, methods and techniques; safety-related elements of the physical sciences, ergonomics, psychology, physiology; and safety principles, standards, practices and analytical techniques.

Job Duties:

Writes programs, assists in license and registration preparation, conducts safety training seminars to educate workforce and in order to limit liability and ensure direction and maintain compliance for policy and regulations.

Maintains documentation, files reports as required, assists communication with government and legal personnel in order to maximize company position. Serves as resource by interpreting regulations and provides management with advice.

Investigates all accidents and “near misses, administers Workers’ Compensation cases, determines preventative measures, attends hearings to ensure fair and equitable settlement of claims.

  • Integration of EHS processes into the production system of the plant 

  • An updated, compliant Emergency Action Plan

  • Develop and administer an updated, compliant annual EH&S Plan

  • Maintain an effective system of environment, health, and safety (EHS) standard operating procedures

  • Compliance with the various OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies that pertain to Dyson’s operations.

  • Partner with the Supervisors and employees to accomplish all required EHS programs, including but not limited to: Hazard Communication, PPE, Emergency Action Plans, Mobile Equipment, Cranes, Elevator, Confined Space, Hot Work, Hearing Conservation, LOTO, etc. and all associated training and Job Safety Analysis.

  • Ensure proper operation of all required environmental programs, including: air quality management, hazardous/residual/universal waste management (including waste minimization), storm water, etc.

  • Ensure a compliant and fully documented process for environmental, health, and safety permit compliance (Title V, etc.)

  • Ensure accurate and on-time submission of environmental reports – maintain an EHS calendar of events

  • Ensure an effective EHS auditing and inspection process (Ensure accurate generation and maintenance of all required records)

  • Ensure accurate sampling, testing, measurement and exposure assessment as necessary, including calibrations

  • Ensure an effective ergonomics program

  • Ensure injury and environmental incidents are fully investigated, reported and corrective action is completed

  • Manage the contractor safety and health process

  • Ensure that EHS information is available and communicated

  • Be responsive to employee and community concerns regarding EHS issues

  • Lead safety and housekeeping audits, monitoring and ensuring identified items are addressed

  • Investigate injuries, ensure the employee receives necessary medical attention, initiate necessary corrective action, and follow up with employee and supervisor on corrective action

  • Manage worker compensation claims and return to work program

  • Serve as administrator to plant management helping conduct periodic off shift safety team meetings

  • Coordinate safety management process that includes safety training and orientation for new employees

  • Coordinate and support plant safety projects and improvements requiring localized engineering support

  • Coordinate the plants environmental sustainability efforts

Education / Background / Skills:

A person in this position must have a BS degree in a related field: BSME, BS Occupational Health & Safety, OSHA, Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science. Must possess 3 – 5 years of experience in a EH&S leadership role in a manufacturing environment. Excellent oral and written communication skills are required, in addition to technical writing skills.

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