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From a small specialty forge shop in 1884 to the leading provider of 100% domestic large diameter fasteners and forgings today, Dyson Corp. continues to set the industry standard for high quality fastening solutions. Serving the critical industries of Renewable Energy, Marine and Military, Locks and Dams, Mining, Oil and Gas, Bridge and General Construction and Infrastructure… Dyson has truly been holding America together for over 125 years!

Dyson Corp. produces fasteners to MIL-S, ASTM, ASME, SAE-J995, DIN, ISO and to customers’ specifications and drawings. Dyson has extensive experience serving critical component markets such as its military naval shipyard customers.

Equipment at the company includes a combination of hammers, mechanical and hydraulic presses, upsetters, benders, and state-of-the-art hot part formers with in-line heat treating. Additionally, Dyson has an extensive CNC turning and milling operation and a considerable thread rolling, drilling and tapping capability, all of which have helped them develop into a premier critical fastener manufacturer.


Choose Us?

  • 100% Domestic Products
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Unsurpassed Quality
  • Customization
  • Technical Expertise
  • One-Stop-Shop
100% Domestic Products

All Dyson Corp. products are 100% melted and manufactured in the United States giving their customers peace of mind knowing they will get the highest quality and full traceability with every order.

On-Time Delivery

Dyson Corp. understands the importance of on-time delivery and strives to deliver parts on (or before) your delivery date.

Dyson provides fast turnaround on orders by stocking complete bolt and nut assemblies – blanks and finished product – and by performing their machining in-house, they’re able to streamline production, giving customers better lead times, higher quality and lower costs.

In critical circumstances, reduced lead times can also be offered for breakdown and emergency orders in need of immediate production response.

Unsurpassed Quality

Dyson Corp. is ISO 9001 compliant, and as a government contractor and supplier of military grade fasteners, they employ the most extensive inspection and quality control measures in the industry. At Dyson Corp., quality is synonymous with its brand!


All Dyson Corp. products can be produced to standard specifications as well as customized specials. From small batch quantities to large volume runs… at Dyson, nothing is too special.

Technical Expertise

In addition to its long history as a fastener and forging industry leader since 1884, Dyson Corp. is staffed with some of today’s best minds in the industry. Dyson employees have decades of fastener and forging experience combined and are passionate about helping customers find the right fastener solutions!


Dyson Corp. cuts, forges, machines, heat treats, tests and inspects all in house making them your “one-stop-shop” for 100% American-made large diameter fasteners.