For over 125 years, Dyson Corp. has remained the leading provider of high quality, large diameter, 100% domestic fasteners, forgings for the critical markets of Renewable Energy, Marine and Military, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Mining, Locks and Dams, General Construction, and Bridge Construction/Restoration.

In 1884, Dyson Corp. originated as a specialty forge shop in Cleveland, OH where founder Joseph Dyson began producing small forgings for various industries. Responding to customer demand, Dyson Corp. soon developed the capability to manufacture larger fasteners and forgings, as well as fork lift arms for the material handling industry.

Today, forgings made at the Painesville, OH plant range in size from 1/2 to 10,000 pounds. Equipment includes a combination of hammers, mechanical and hydraulic presses, upsetters, benders, and state-of-the-art hot part formers with in-line heat treating. In addition, the company’s extensive CNC turning and milling operations, and their considerable thread rolling, drilling and tapping capability; have helped them develop into a premier critical fastener manufacturer.

Working in product diameters from 3/4 to 8 inches, Dyson Corp. produces fasteners to various specifications, including ASME, MIL, ANSI and DIN, and services critical component markets, such as military and naval shipyard customers.